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Get Back Your Ex-Boyfriend

You promised not to call him again and you are trying your best to ignore him. But, you miss him. Though you don’t want to admit it, you still have a soft spot for him. The fact is that you want to get back your ex-boyfriend. But, how do you do this without looking desperate or losing dignity?

get your ex-boyfriend back

Wallowing in self-pity won’t help. To get him back, you need a guide. You need tactics and ideas that you can implement to have him crawl back to you. There are strategies that will get him back to you without making you look desperate.

Actionable and Practical Ideas to Get Back Your Ex-Boyfriend

Remember that you are dealing with a human being and you don’t have some sort of magical mind control powers. As such, you need actionable and practical ideas that will actually bring him back. Essentially, you need to fire his emotional triggers. Here are useful ideas and strategies that will help you win your ex-boyfriend back.

Don’t Try to Get Him Back Directly

If your ex-boyfriend learns that you are pursuing him constantly, you will end up losing your power over him. Therefore, avoid texting and calling him all the time. Give him time to miss you before you start your efforts to get him back.

Show some discipline even if he starts hitting on you. Let him know that you have self-control. Basically, don’t try to convince him to get back to you. Instead, make sure that he makes the decision to want to you back and probably start pursuing you.

Embrace a New Lifestyle

Once your relationship comes to an end, things can get tough on you. That’s precisely why you need some time focusing on your wellbeing. Embrace your desired lifestyle. Build up the lost confidence and socialize with other people more. Try out a new hobby and make friends. Join meet up groups or even go on a trip. Basically, do anything necessary to get yourself in shape.

You can alter your perspective with a change of the environment. You can even consider traveling to reflect and determine what matters to you. Surround yourself with the right people. People that want to help you improve are the best to have this time. Use the time you will be alone to redefine yourself. Nothing will have improved or changed if you get back your ex-boyfriend with your disheveled life. In fact, he won’t want you back.

Accept that You Might Never Have Him Back

There is no guarantee that you will ever have your ex as your boyfriend again. Maybe he left you because he has been cheating on you all along and now wants to settle down with his other partner. Perhaps, you gave your relationship all you could but he still broke up with you.

Yes, you are deeply interested in getting him back and you are ready to improve and change just for him. However, you should be ready to lower your dignity and value just to win him back. Therefore, be mentally prepared that your efforts might bore no fruits.

Reflect on Why Your Relationship Ended

You must know the exact cause of your relationship problem to solve it. Are your values fundamentally different? Do you have compatibility issues? Were you just comfortable or happy in your relationship?

Answers to these questions should tell you whether you really need to get him back. Identifying the exact cause of your relationship problems will help you determine the best way to get him back.

Don’t Freak Out if Your Ex-Boyfriend Starts Dating

You will agree that seeing your ex-boyfriend with another woman can be gut-wrenching. However, it shouldn’t be a bad experience. In fact, it might be good for you. Your ex-boyfriend is most likely in a rebound relationship. Entering a rebound relationship is a way for some people to avoid grief. That means your ex will take longer to forget you and move on.

Therefore, be cool and don’t do anything about it. After some time, your ex-boyfriend will realize that his rebound relationship won’t fill up the hole he has in life. This will prompt them to end the relationship and get back to you.

Avoid Misinterpretations and Obsession

A bad breakup is mostly followed by the worst kind of obsession. Your mind can always be racing trying to get the best way to win your ex-boyfriend back the soonest possible. You may need a fool proof plan to help you get back your ex-boyfriend. Your mind wants to be sure that you will be back together soon. Sometimes you may even misinterpret his moves to mean that he wants you back.

get back your ex-boyfriend

But, the fact is that you don’t know what is in the mind of your ex-boyfriend. You also don’t know his future plans. To avoid misinterpretations and obsession, don’t rush to do anything after a breakup. Give your mind time to calm down and stop panicking hard.

It’s also wise to avoid listening to family and friends for a while. Although they definitely mean well, they may not be capable of analyzing your breakup and determining the best way to win your love back.

Keep Yourself Busy and Happy

Most men find women that seem busy and happy more attractive. Therefore, instead of acting desperate, find ways to be busy and happy on your own. Being busy and happy will show your ex-boyfriend that your happiness is not dependent on him. This will compel him to reconsider coming back to you. Additionally, practice a no contact rule until you are ready to talk to him.

Contact Him with the Right Mindset

This should come as the last step of the process of getting an ex-boyfriend back. But before you take this step, remind yourself of what a sexy, powerful and confident lady you are. Avoid jumping into expressing your love for him immediately.

Instead, take a light approach. Talk about the fond memories you made together. Tell him how you crave for the takeout food you used to have together. Create a positive picture of the good times you had together. This will enable him to reminisce of the great woman you truly are.

Once you follow these tips to get back your ex-boyfriend and succeed, focus on strengthening your relationship together.

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Online Dating Advice

Online dating advice makes an experience that would otherwise feel scary easy and comfortable. Today, online dating is among the fastest-growing ways of finding love. There are countless happily married couples that met their life partners online. That means you too can find your life partner through online dating.

Useful online dating advice

But, how exactly do you make your online dating experience easy and comfortable? Well, once you settle on a reliable and reputable online dating website, there are tips you need to follow. Following these tips will make navigating the internet dating maze easier.

Useful Online Dating Advice for Both Genders   

Perhaps, you have been on countless dates with individuals you have met online. Maybe you are getting ready for a first date with a person you found online. Regardless of your situation, these tips will help you date in the current hi-tech world.

Create a Great Online Dating Bio

Analyzing yourself may feel unnatural. Everybody have difficulties dissecting their personalities into simple points. You will be tempted to simply define your likes, hobbies, and dislikes. However, when your dating bio provides more information, it paints a clearer picture to potential matches that will come across it. A half-finished or vague profile will look suspicious to some people. If unsure how to describe yourself, don’t shy away from asking a family member or friend to help you.

Pick Good Profile Photos

This may sound obvious but it is not. Pick honest and clear photos that portray you in the best light possible. Blurry photos are a big no for online dating bios. A photo that you took a decade ago is also not good for your online dating profile. Instead, get a recent, clear photo. You can even invest in a professional photo shoot session. That way, you will have a great photo that your potential matches will instantly fall in love with.

Exercise Precaution

Perhaps, this is the most important online dating advice ever in the current world of online frauds and scams. You have most likely heard horror stories of people that engage in online dating with the wrong people. For instance, you might have heard stories of people that use profile photos that are not theirs. Others turn out to be extremely dangerous.

It’s therefore important that you go on the first date at a public place. Additionally, inform a family member or friend that you will be going on a first date and that you will get in touch with them at a specific time. It’s also crucial that you avoid a person that instantly suggests you visit them at their place. You also need to avoid a person that seems excessively pushy to have you meet them before you talk about it.

Avoid Excessive Texts, Tweets, and Calls

It’s a good thing that you have met a person you like. You are most likely thinking about this person every hour. Naturally, you might want to let the person know everything you are up to every minute. But don’t. Remember that these are the early days of your relationship.

Although the person may have given you all right signals, don’t let them know everything about you including how and where you spend your days. Sending a person the photos of the quinoa salad you had for lunch is not wise unless they request you do it. Additionally, finding countless missed calls yet you talked the night before can cause cold feet. Consider communication as a way to balance scales. Only add the amount they add to their side on your side.

Avoid Social Media Stalking

It’s possible to know what somebody does for a living, their family members, and how they spent their last holiday even without asking them. An open Facebook profile is all you need to know about the person you are interested in. However, it can be quite embarrassing if you let just a nugget of this information slip during the first date. You won’t have a way to justify knowing about a person you’ve just met for the first time. Therefore, avoid digging into somebody’s life via their social media accounts to ensure your self-respect.

Avoid Talks about Your Ex

This is important offline and online dating advice. You may have had your money spent by your ex extravagantly or your heart broken severely by them. They may have had the most annoying habits ever. However, don’t talk about it when dating both online and offline. Your current date is most likely not interested in knowing this. Your conversations should be about you two. Therefore, avoid chatting about your ex and if you must, keep it short without looking or sounding suspicious of anything.

Be Selective

You don’t have to date the first person you come across online. Instead, take time to read through the profiles of different people. Basically, don’t let those around you pressure you into having a girlfriend or boyfriend. Also don’t feel pressured to have the first person you meet become your girlfriend or boyfriend. Meeting up with someone doesn’t mean you must become lovers. Therefore, take time to ensure that you agree to enter a relationship with the right person.

Avoid Losing Yourself

Once you find somebody you like on an online dating site, don’t center your entire world on them. You most likely know a friend that used to be fun to have a round and listened to all your problems. However, they disappeared suddenly after they started dating. Well, don’t be this person. Additionally, do not quit the hobbies you enjoy after meeting a person you like online.

online dating advice and tips

Instead, continue to meet and have good relationships with friends and family members. Maintain your interests and hobbies because they might be what attracted the person you like to you. Your passion and lover for cycling or pottery for instance could be what sparked the interest of that person in the first place.

In addition to this online dating advice, don’t venture into it when not in the right mental state. If you are going through troubling moments in life, sort out your issues first. Look for a life partner only when ready to date. Follow these online dating tips to find your perfect match and enjoy the experience.  

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Tips How to Flirt with Women

When you know how to flirt with women, you can make any girl like you even without expressing your interest in her. You most likely envy that one man who doesn’t seem to have trouble chatting up girls and making them want to hang out with him more often. But, how exactly does he make women want to hook up with him all the time?

how to flirt with women and how to flirt with a woman

It’s easy to consider yourself as a man that knows how to get girlfriends. However, if you don’t know how to flirt with a woman, you are bound to face challenges. Flirting gives girls a great first impression of you. When you flirt with ladies the right way, you stand higher chances of getting hook-ups.

Useful Tips on How to Flirt with Women

Flirting is basically acting silly towards a woman without showing direct interest in her. When you flirt a girl, you behave like you are trying to attract her or you are attracted to her, but just for amusement instead of having or showing serious intentions. But, people always flirt when they have a serious intent.

That’s because flirting is a low-risk and exciting way to start a conversation. It’s a form of light-hearted chatting involving some physical touching, teasing, cracking jokes, being silly, and giving complements. Here are tips to help you flirt with a girl you are attracted to but you don’t want to tell her right away.

Focus on the Right Woman

You may have heard and believed this for years but not all women want or like attention. Some women just want men to leave them alone. Others are quite selective when it comes to deciding on the men they want attention from. Therefore, understand that if the woman you try to flirt with doesn’t show interest in your flirty talk, it’s not personal. Also know how to tell if the woman is appreciating your attention.

Whether you flirt in real life or offline, don’t waste time and effort on uninterested or bored women. If she gives you crossed shoulders or legs facing away, it may mean she is not into you. But, if she responds with smiles, maintaining eye contact or playing with her hair, it means you know how to flirt with a woman and she is already into you.

Be Playful

Flirting should be playful and light. This is particularly important when you have a sexual overtone about how you do things. When you flirt playfully, you make a girl relax. You also show off your humorous trait. And, almost all women are attracted to humorous men. Additionally, keeping your flirting playful enables you to deliver the message in a way you can’t when engaged in a serious conversation.

Maintain a Lovely Smile

Naturally, you feel amazing when a woman flashes a genuine smile aimed at you. It means she is into what you are doing and this makes you feel at ease. Women also feel the same way when you maintain a beautiful smile towards them.

Therefore, maintain an unforced, natural and pleasant smile while flirting. You can practice this in front of a mirror to get it right. Once you capture the attention of the woman you are interested in, flash that smile towards her. Maintaining a smile is a harmless way of expressing interest. If she doesn’t reciprocate your smile, don’t feel embarrassed.

Give Compliments

Mastering the art of complimenting women is important when learning how to flirt with women. Everybody loves positive compliments. But, you need to learn how to give compliments will be received well. Naturally, women have a way of spotting fake smiles and compliments. Therefore, only give genuine compliments and avoid making them too personal.

Additionally, don’t expect a positive response if you tell every woman you meet for the first time that she has great tits or an awesome ass. Instead, tell a woman that she is stylish or smile at her and she will appreciate it. If you want to flirt with a woman you have known for a while, you most likely won’t go wrong if you tell her she is amazing at doing something. Tell her that you admire how she relates with kids or people and she will be impressed.

Be Confident Rather than Cocky

Confident men ooze appeal in different situations. They are particularly attractive to women. Therefore, being confident is something you need to master when you want to learn to flirt with women. However, you also need to differentiate cockiness and confidence.

how to flirt with a woman and how to flirt with women

Being confident is about believing in your abilities. You have qualities and skills that back up the self-image you give. Cocky men on the other hand tend to show off and brag. They have the posture but no qualities, skills, or abilities to back up what they put out there about their personalities. Thus, while a confident man is irresistibly attractive, the other one is not because he is not himself. Therefore, be comfortable in your skin.

Take the Lead when Necessary

If you want to set up a date with a woman or if you want to have a long-term connection with her, always take the initiative. Be the one to open the door. Generally, women find decisive men more attractive. For instance, don’t ask a woman where she would like you to take her. Instead, have a list of the upcoming fun events and venues. Have great ideas for dates up your sleeves. This will enable you to take the lead whenever an opportunity arises.

Be Unique and Specific

In addition to these tips on how to flirt with a woman, it pays to be unique and specific. Don’t tell her what she has been told by countless men. Avoid doing something she has seen other men do since she was a child. Instead, be specific in terms of your suggestions and how you do things. For instance, instead of suggesting that you grab a bite of something tasty, talk to her about something like a margarita pizza.

Use these tips to flirt with women at the coffee shop, grocery store, in college, at the park or anywhere else. The more you practice the more you will sharpen your flirting skills.   

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Dating Advice for Men

Dating is a tricky business for some men. Without dating advice for men, you may have many questions in mind before, during, and even after a date. For instance, what do you put on? Where do you meet? How do you approach a girl? What do you say to her? These are just some of the questions that can make even focusing on dating a girl difficult.

Advice on how to date can come from different people. However, there are things that even the people that advice you don’t know. Some of them have even never dated a girl. That means accepting advice from them can make your experience horrible.

Get Effective Dating Advice for Men

To avoid a horrible response or experience whenever you date a girl, get advice from people that know what exactly they are talking about. Use men dating tips that have been tried, tested and proven effective. Here are useful dating tips for men that have been proven effective even by dating experts.

Useful Dating Advice for Men

Make Your First Impression Count

You might be lucky even after showing up in ripped jeans. But, bear in mind the fact that this is the first impression you will give your date. Although you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else, make the girl see that you are a person that takes pride in his appearance. But, this shouldn’t worry you to start investing in expensive full tuxedo.

However, you can at least take a shower, shave, and put on an outfit that will help you make a great impression. This is a sure way to start on the right footing.

Plan to Meet Somewhere Comfortable and Safe

Dating is a daunting experience for some men. If a girl asks you to pick her somewhere, cut through nerves by meeting up at a familiar territory. That way, you will feel comfortable and safe while meeting the girl for the first time. However, avoid meeting the girl at places like a nightclub where you usually hang out with your crew. Bumping into workmates or friends can distract you from focusing on your date.

Exude Confidence

This is perhaps, the most important dating advice for men. Naturally, women like confident men. You will shine for showing enthusiasm but confidence will make you attractive. If you are a shy person, practice beforehand. For instance, talk to strangers. Alternatively, talk about a topic that you are enthusiastic about during the date.

Effective dating advice for men

Make sure that your date senses your confidence by talking about something passionately. What’s more, don’t feel shy due to your appearance. You might not have a six pack and a height of 6ft. However, you could be more attractive to your date by showing her that you are happy and comfortable with who you are.

Don’t Dominate the Conversation

During the first date, avoid dominating the conversation. After all, you will have many more opportunities to talk if your first date is successful. Pauses are normal during the first date. Therefore, don’t let them compel you to talk to the girl non-stop. Bear in mind the fact that listening to your date will show your interest in knowing her more.

Have Some Fun

Make sure that your talk is light-hearted. Avoid getting into details like your reasons for not enjoying your current job. Also avoid issues that you could be having in life that may portray you as a person with a horrible life. It’s true that you sometimes need to get serious. However, have fun at the beginning of your dating life.

Don’t Talk about Your Ex

You’ve most likely heard this dating advice for men from countless people. But, the need to avoid talking about your ex can’t be overemphasized. Your date will most likely not be interested in your ex. And, if your date asks questions about your ex, keep your answers short but don’t appear suspicious of anything. Reassure your date that the past has nothing to do with your future with her. Let her know that you want to have a great life with her.

Turn Off Your Phone

Nothing can be annoying than a phone that keeps ringing when trying to have a great time with a girl for the first time. It’s irritating and it can even compel the girl to end the date hurriedly. Putting the phone on a vibration or silent mode can still be a distraction. Therefore, turn it off completely. Any woman will appreciate a man that turns off his phone just to focus on her fully.

Do Proper Follow Up

If you realize that she is not your type, don’t promise to call her. That’s because if you promise to call and then you fail, she will feel hurt. Just tell her that you had a great experience meeting her. But, if you want to meet her again, avoid playing games. In movies, dates go for days without contacting each other after meeting. However, things are different in real life.

If you don’t contact your girl for some days, she may think you didn’t enjoy the moments you had together. Telling her how amazing the date was to you is better.

Seek Feedback from a Friend

There is no dating school in life. You learn how to date from seeing or hearing from other people. However, if you want to enhance your dating skills, talk to a friend. A female friend will give you better feedback. Talk to her about your date. Let her know where you met, the conversation you had, and the things you did together. People have different opinions and her opinion might help you make your next date better.

Some people have misconceptions about dating. But, dating is simply about knowing each other well and starting off your life together on the right footing. Understand the experience and perspective of your date. This will help you determine whether she is the kind of a woman you would like to spend more time with. Also follow the right dating advice for men to ensure that your date knows who you truly are.