Tips How to Flirt with Women

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When you know how to flirt with women, you can make any girl like you even without expressing your interest in her. You most likely envy that one man who doesn’t seem to have trouble chatting up girls and making them want to hang out with him more often. But, how exactly does he make women want to hook up with him all the time?

how to flirt with women and how to flirt with a woman

It’s easy to consider yourself as a man that knows how to get girlfriends. However, if you don’t know how to flirt with a woman, you are bound to face challenges. Flirting gives girls a great first impression of you. When you flirt with ladies the right way, you stand higher chances of getting hook-ups.

Useful Tips on How to Flirt with Women

Flirting is basically acting silly towards a woman without showing direct interest in her. When you flirt a girl, you behave like you are trying to attract her or you are attracted to her, but just for amusement instead of having or showing serious intentions. But, people always flirt when they have a serious intent.

That’s because flirting is a low-risk and exciting way to start a conversation. It’s a form of light-hearted chatting involving some physical touching, teasing, cracking jokes, being silly, and giving complements. Here are tips to help you flirt with a girl you are attracted to but you don’t want to tell her right away.

Focus on the Right Woman

You may have heard and believed this for years but not all women want or like attention. Some women just want men to leave them alone. Others are quite selective when it comes to deciding on the men they want attention from. Therefore, understand that if the woman you try to flirt with doesn’t show interest in your flirty talk, it’s not personal. Also know how to tell if the woman is appreciating your attention.

Whether you flirt in real life or offline, don’t waste time and effort on uninterested or bored women. If she gives you crossed shoulders or legs facing away, it may mean she is not into you. But, if she responds with smiles, maintaining eye contact or playing with her hair, it means you know how to flirt with a woman and she is already into you.

Be Playful

Flirting should be playful and light. This is particularly important when you have a sexual overtone about how you do things. When you flirt playfully, you make a girl relax. You also show off your humorous trait. And, almost all women are attracted to humorous men. Additionally, keeping your flirting playful enables you to deliver the message in a way you can’t when engaged in a serious conversation.

Maintain a Lovely Smile

Naturally, you feel amazing when a woman flashes a genuine smile aimed at you. It means she is into what you are doing and this makes you feel at ease. Women also feel the same way when you maintain a beautiful smile towards them.

Therefore, maintain an unforced, natural and pleasant smile while flirting. You can practice this in front of a mirror to get it right. Once you capture the attention of the woman you are interested in, flash that smile towards her. Maintaining a smile is a harmless way of expressing interest. If she doesn’t reciprocate your smile, don’t feel embarrassed.

Give Compliments

Mastering the art of complimenting women is important when learning how to flirt with women. Everybody loves positive compliments. But, you need to learn how to give compliments will be received well. Naturally, women have a way of spotting fake smiles and compliments. Therefore, only give genuine compliments and avoid making them too personal.

Additionally, don’t expect a positive response if you tell every woman you meet for the first time that she has great tits or an awesome ass. Instead, tell a woman that she is stylish or smile at her and she will appreciate it. If you want to flirt with a woman you have known for a while, you most likely won’t go wrong if you tell her she is amazing at doing something. Tell her that you admire how she relates with kids or people and she will be impressed.

Be Confident Rather than Cocky

Confident men ooze appeal in different situations. They are particularly attractive to women. Therefore, being confident is something you need to master when you want to learn to flirt with women. However, you also need to differentiate cockiness and confidence.

how to flirt with a woman and how to flirt with women

Being confident is about believing in your abilities. You have qualities and skills that back up the self-image you give. Cocky men on the other hand tend to show off and brag. They have the posture but no qualities, skills, or abilities to back up what they put out there about their personalities. Thus, while a confident man is irresistibly attractive, the other one is not because he is not himself. Therefore, be comfortable in your skin.

Take the Lead when Necessary

If you want to set up a date with a woman or if you want to have a long-term connection with her, always take the initiative. Be the one to open the door. Generally, women find decisive men more attractive. For instance, don’t ask a woman where she would like you to take her. Instead, have a list of the upcoming fun events and venues. Have great ideas for dates up your sleeves. This will enable you to take the lead whenever an opportunity arises.

Be Unique and Specific

In addition to these tips on how to flirt with a woman, it pays to be unique and specific. Don’t tell her what she has been told by countless men. Avoid doing something she has seen other men do since she was a child. Instead, be specific in terms of your suggestions and how you do things. For instance, instead of suggesting that you grab a bite of something tasty, talk to her about something like a margarita pizza.

Use these tips to flirt with women at the coffee shop, grocery store, in college, at the park or anywhere else. The more you practice the more you will sharpen your flirting skills.   

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