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Posted by: | Posted on: April 8, 2019

Dating Advice for Men

Dating is a tricky business for some men. Without dating advice for men, you may have many questions in mind before, during, and even after a date. For instance, what do you put on? Where do you meet? How do you approach a girl? What do you say to her? These are just some of the questions that can make even focusing on dating a girl difficult.

Advice on how to date can come from different people. However, there are things that even the people that advice you don’t know. Some of them have even never dated a girl. That means accepting advice from them can make your experience horrible.

Get Effective Dating Advice for Men

To avoid a horrible response or experience whenever you date a girl, get advice from people that know what exactly they are talking about. Use men dating tips that have been tried, tested and proven effective. Here are useful dating tips for men that have been proven effective even by dating experts.

Useful Dating Advice for Men

Make Your First Impression Count

You might be lucky even after showing up in ripped jeans. But, bear in mind the fact that this is the first impression you will give your date. Although you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else, make the girl see that you are a person that takes pride in his appearance. But, this shouldn’t worry you to start investing in expensive full tuxedo.

However, you can at least take a shower, shave, and put on an outfit that will help you make a great impression. This is a sure way to start on the right footing.

Plan to Meet Somewhere Comfortable and Safe

Dating is a daunting experience for some men. If a girl asks you to pick her somewhere, cut through nerves by meeting up at a familiar territory. That way, you will feel comfortable and safe while meeting the girl for the first time. However, avoid meeting the girl at places like a nightclub where you usually hang out with your crew. Bumping into workmates or friends can distract you from focusing on your date.

Exude Confidence

This is perhaps, the most important dating advice for men. Naturally, women like confident men. You will shine for showing enthusiasm but confidence will make you attractive. If you are a shy person, practice beforehand. For instance, talk to strangers. Alternatively, talk about a topic that you are enthusiastic about during the date.

Effective dating advice for men

Make sure that your date senses your confidence by talking about something passionately. What’s more, don’t feel shy due to your appearance. You might not have a six pack and a height of 6ft. However, you could be more attractive to your date by showing her that you are happy and comfortable with who you are.

Don’t Dominate the Conversation

During the first date, avoid dominating the conversation. After all, you will have many more opportunities to talk if your first date is successful. Pauses are normal during the first date. Therefore, don’t let them compel you to talk to the girl non-stop. Bear in mind the fact that listening to your date will show your interest in knowing her more.

Have Some Fun

Make sure that your talk is light-hearted. Avoid getting into details like your reasons for not enjoying your current job. Also avoid issues that you could be having in life that may portray you as a person with a horrible life. It’s true that you sometimes need to get serious. However, have fun at the beginning of your dating life.

Don’t Talk about Your Ex

You’ve most likely heard this dating advice for men from countless people. But, the need to avoid talking about your ex can’t be overemphasized. Your date will most likely not be interested in your ex. And, if your date asks questions about your ex, keep your answers short but don’t appear suspicious of anything. Reassure your date that the past has nothing to do with your future with her. Let her know that you want to have a great life with her.

Turn Off Your Phone

Nothing can be annoying than a phone that keeps ringing when trying to have a great time with a girl for the first time. It’s irritating and it can even compel the girl to end the date hurriedly. Putting the phone on a vibration or silent mode can still be a distraction. Therefore, turn it off completely. Any woman will appreciate a man that turns off his phone just to focus on her fully.

Do Proper Follow Up

If you realize that she is not your type, don’t promise to call her. That’s because if you promise to call and then you fail, she will feel hurt. Just tell her that you had a great experience meeting her. But, if you want to meet her again, avoid playing games. In movies, dates go for days without contacting each other after meeting. However, things are different in real life.

If you don’t contact your girl for some days, she may think you didn’t enjoy the moments you had together. Telling her how amazing the date was to you is better.

Seek Feedback from a Friend

There is no dating school in life. You learn how to date from seeing or hearing from other people. However, if you want to enhance your dating skills, talk to a friend. A female friend will give you better feedback. Talk to her about your date. Let her know where you met, the conversation you had, and the things you did together. People have different opinions and her opinion might help you make your next date better.

Some people have misconceptions about dating. But, dating is simply about knowing each other well and starting off your life together on the right footing. Understand the experience and perspective of your date. This will help you determine whether she is the kind of a woman you would like to spend more time with. Also follow the right dating advice for men to ensure that your date knows who you truly are.